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Important Notice Rules of the server/s

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Being nice to eachother means, actually, being nice to eachother.
So, no swearing or being an general pain in the ass of anyone only becasue you had a bad day. Treat others as you want to be treated as well and, dont forget, only because one is an dickhead, it does not gives you the right to be one as well.

Playing nice with eachother, well, same thing.
It means the same as above with being nice to eachother.

Respecting eachother and their differency is a huge thing.
You might be right and know best, but that does not give you the right to be an dickhead. Nor to call others names. Respect that others have the right to think they are right too, so step back and let it go. Respect eachother.

Common Sense, this one seems to be quite confusing and hard to understand for many.
Is it Common Sense to only do what you want, also when you know your builds are creating issues for the server and therefore, for all others? Is it Common Sense to think you are above the rules fo the server and not understanding when you get .. corrected by Staff?
No, thats not Common Sense, thats being an dickhead.
Common Sense is about thinking further then your ... nose .. and maybe choose another mashine to build then the one you had in mind after getting to know that your plan would be an issue for the server. Should you not have an clue that that one way of yours, feel free to ask. Even here in the forum, people love to help out and come with ideas, suggestions.
Common Sense is also to use english in the mainchat, so everyone understand what you are saying. It is otherwise easy to talk shit about others back right on front of them and that is once agan, not nice and therefore, another part of our Common Sense understanding for eachother. Im actually quite surprised that the IQ of some seems so low that I have to write it down. As in not understanding what Common Sense is about, I fear for your real life future ..

To ask before taking things, well, do I really need to explain that one?
Seems so for some ..
Only because something is unclaimed or possible to get, it does not mean its free for all to take.
Again, here also comes Common Sense in play.

And griefing, some people seem to think that griefing is only when you destroy things from someone else, but its ok to steal.
Well, guess again, for you are wrong in that. Stealing is the same as griefing, at least on this server. I do not care how it is on all the other servers in the world, this is how it is here. If you take things that arent yours, you are a thief and as such, you will be punished. That can very well be an Ban that goes on forever..

Begging, nagging is annoying for everyone who is reading it in the chat.
If you are jsut too lazy to create somwthing on your own or to get a certain item yourself, dont spam others or the chat for trying to get it for free. Yes, someone might be annoyed soon enough to just throw it down your throat, but thats not right.
Again, Common Sense applies here.
Also if you want to live with someone and people telling you No and Go Away, respect that (ohmy, the Respect part!) and leave! Use your Common Sense (here it is again too!) and understand that begging and nagging and asking over and over again isnt making you more popular by the frequency you asking in.

So, if anyone still has issues with the rules of the server, then I am seriously doubting they should be even allowed to sit at an computer with access to the Internet.
Posted Aug 30, 16 · OP
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About Common Sense... I have found a good, simple, and reliable method to try when in doubt:

Ask yourself this question, "If I told my mom about what I'm going to do, would she smack me in the back of the head for it?"

If the answer is yes, it's probably not a good idea. :)
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Can we add a section on automatic digging? quarries and the like....
Posted Oct 13, 17
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