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Lord_Sawyer Whitelist application

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1. Where did you hear about TCO from? If a friend please leave their in game name.
i found the server by googling unabridged minecraft servers and the website came up

2. How long have you been playing modded Minecraft?
maybe like 2-3 Im not sure entirely though
3. What does NEI mean, and why is it important when playing minecraft?
the definition i know is Not enough information and Im not sure why it is important in play minecraft
4. How old/young are you?
Im 15 years old
5. What do you think of our extensive rules listed on the website?
i think the rules are fine and without them the server would have great economy so i think they are needed
6. Do you understand them? If you have questions, now would be the time to list them.
i do understand them
7. Where do you find the banned Items list for the server you're applying to?
im not sure where to find the banned items
8. What do you think might happen if you break our rules?
i think you could be temp-banned, perm banned, kicked, muted , and have white-list revoked
9. What is your in game name? Just in-case you registered for this under a different name.
10. Have you ever been banned from a Minecraft server before - if yes: when and why?
no i have not
11. The previous multiplayer-server you were on (if any) - what made you leave it to seek a new home?
this is my first time trying multiplayer i usually play single-play but my friends invited me to play multiplayer and they said we should try this one
12. Which server are you applying for? Im applying for the unabridged server
Posted Dec 29, 17 · OP
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Looks good, I'll notify an admin. Thanks for your application.
Posted Dec 29, 17
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